The Beginning

by X

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released February 15, 2011



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X California


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Track Name: Values
Verse 1:

i started off inside a world full of rhythm and beats
and it got to me that there might be a position for me

behind this music i could use it consume it and make a usage
rather than feeling broken, poor, completely useless

my own determination got me wanting it all
every pyramid i climb can't falter and fall

and i would give it out for free its a personal joy
but also an occupation, and its self employed

and if you value what you do you should give it a price
its not a greedy state of mind just a piece of advice

its only ninety nine sense not a lot in a track
if you change it to percents thats a lot in a rap

and the one cent left full of stress and nonsense
to separate myself from a basic content

cuhz if assimilated, really nothing is new
i shot down my pride, and my thoughts of value


so what's your values what you put in a price
and what's your values what you put in a mic
what's your values when you taking a life
and what's your values how your living tonight(x2)

Verse 2:

some call it business earning interest a commission and dues
and if you love your nine to five then this saying is true

if you enjoy what you do every day and a night
then you'll never have to work another day in your life

and if you're good at what your doing never do it for free
its not a robbery its not selling out your beliefs

cuhz everybody gotta eat or a baby to feed
so its an honest waste of talent and the power recieved

like a superhero hiding in the guise of a man
and he's afraid, what he does, not according to plan

but, you can change a life and make some changes in yours
its not a war or a quest, a figure your fighting for

feelings of satisfaction, something achieved
like when you made it to the top and its easy to breathe

cuhz its not about the money, its a personal gain
but if it comes along, take the fortune and fame


so what's your values what you put in a price
and what's your values what you put in a mic
what's your values of you living a dream
and what's your values of you making a means(x2)

Verse 3:

and this time is limited, death becomes imminent
everything you work, deserts, divide dividends

i don't wanna end, pretend its all evident
even in my death i'll still be unlimited

thinking out loud, for a closer approach
so all the people in the crowd know, what're my goals

i lay it out its in the open, like a scar from a knife
its ironic cuhz i hide behind a shadow of light

and the reason could be any or a many or few
its like an ante to a gamble that i'm waiting to lose

its like a different point of view, different color of chips
and its a reason why a player hates the aces he gets

cuhz the pot is never big everybody is fold
so do winners ever win when the tables are cold

but its either big or small, how they see the amount
in the end its not the money, but the player that counts


so what's your values what you put in a price
and what's your values what you put in a mic
what's your values in a bad and a right
and what's your values in a shadow of light(x2)
Track Name: Fly
Verse 1:

tell me i'll never make it that flying is but impossible
your dreams are never worth it you circling every obstacle

pointing out the problems in a state of confusion
you got a lot of nerve to talk when you're not a solution

and now you're clipping all my feathers and its hard to react
before i'm blinking, now i'm sinking from a stab in the back

and all these hunters got a rifle and they aiming to shoot
if i could lose them for a second in this mountainous view

then maybe i can show my homie that its better at top
instead of said and done and doing things to making a stock

but its lonely in the efforts, and its usually fruitless
lot of journies that begin have a moment of weakness

i don't wanna be somebody in the thought of regret
so i gotta take a leap of faith every chance that i get

so let me open up my wings disappear with a flash
this path is never easy, what i'll tell you is that

Verse 2:

and i swear inside this scenery places that i be seeing
is a different point of view a cleaner air i'm breathing

where the reason is clear my future without a shade of grey
nothing in my way can stop from seeing clear as day

put me in the open a center of field of fires
let my body turns to ash, gradually getting higher

another day in motion and the only way to focus
is breaking communications with people of no importance

i know its the reality casually make fatalities
of friends and family memebers, blinded by my insanity

visions in my eyes are binded by seven demons
while i'm reaching for the sky they dragging me down with em

the weaker that i'm getting the reaper is getting closer
but i'm almost at the exit just a hundred foot border

feeling is overboard, not a second left to waste
you make it or you don't, its a chance that shouldn't wait
Track Name: In This Day
Verse 1:

put me in a broken home ill turn it to a mansion, a palace
give me a dirty cup ill turn it into lil jon's chalice

balance of power ruins these minds of weaker people
who doesn't see beneath this surface there's greater evil

like the moment you shine, every moment that your famous
the game is confusing, using you, jokers in a circus

nowadays i'm nervous when the purpose is defeated
believing in something bigger is just bound to be deleted

expecting something different is the outcome of insanity
happily ever after the nevers of reality

peace and love and all the good things above
in containers of a drug like an opium

overdose to focus, my emotion, my motive, my hesitation
like guns, locked and loaded, send a communication

and the message it begins, "should a Dark Knight rise,
even superhero's fall, every man has a price"


in this day... where every man goes blind
the only thing you see is, what you left behind
in this day... where the sun don't shine
a bullet in your head is what, crossed your mind

Verse 2:

now is it my position to tell you what you should listen to
is information granted to topple the ones on top of you

if knowledge is power then the root of all evil
are people who makes comparisons between fair and equal

so judge and jury, and hypocritiques in the pack
what goes around will come around and stab you in the back

surely as i know it, its maybe my new lowest
the closer the oppurtunity comes i run over it

spinning the wheels of destiny, never to hit the lottery
lot of luck involved with physical technicalities

barely bury the very truth we deny
for moments of happiness several seconds of sunshine

like rolling the dice, everybody gets a numb3r
and the bottom of the roll gets delivered in a gutter

its butter to a knife like a shadow to a light
and the only thing you change is the outcome of your life


in this day... where every day goes night
you can never take back, what you take from life
in this day... as you hold this knife
you're a puppet on a string, can't control your life

Verse 3:

if its fame and fortune the money that really matters most
then paper trails are nothing like catching another friendly ghost

this parasite and host are like a banquet to the toast
closest things in common are the bullets from your throats

so user beware, use of immediate software
attracts a bad attention like appliance of spyware

and everybody knows the only way to keep a secret, the secret
is kill the memory before it gets repeated

don't wanna be reminded of finding a different mindstate
state of mind is missing when there's nothing in the bank

the tank is half empty, putting pressure on the gas
and the only question now, how long will i last

its a mountain of a drive, and im barely at the median
God is this a joke, you must be a comedian

cuhz every other path and with every other way
comes 25 to life and forever and a day


in this day... where you wish to die
and the memories you hold can't be kept alive
and this day... hope it ends tonight
but you know that this day is 25 to life
Track Name: World Of X
Verse 1:

i can be your enemy or maybe i'm your closest friend
i'll let the secret out when you sick of hearing X again

cuhz all he does is run his mouth, whats he really all about
hides behind a shadow, so why should i even hear him out

possibly just full of shit, nothing that he says he is
everything he's feeding us is toxic and its hazardous

quicker that the poison spreads, faster the infection is
huge amounts to overdose injecting every city kid

it'll get you feeling good, ain't nobody doubting that
major high to get you by like sunny days and starry nights

crashing is a problem though, system hitting overload
brain is fried wanna die, dire need of antidotes

underground supplier though, not a pharmaceutical
so two of X or three of X, never therapeutical

one is just a good amount, but careful when you swallow it
lovely as the coating looks, don't know whats inside of it

Verse 2:

just another fleeting dream, something that you try to chase
escaping when you need me most, cravings never go away

told you only take me once, always need the other stuff
jack and coke and ketamines, eventually i'm not enough

basically a new addition, better high new affliction
done with me, but i'll come back with a brand new track a new addiction

think of it, taking time, time apart, surely fine
know what its like to hang around the same ole ppl every night

gets retarded, then repeated, more redundant, i receded
gets no fun when its said and done, same damn thats been repeated

take a breath, , one more thing to keep you eager
good alone, but i'm better on, a couple beers and a tiny reefer

take a hit, let it rip, final puff will get you lit
eyes turn red and its in your head that one more shot oughta keep u dead

knock it back, let it loose, another world you're climbing too
a world of X thats better then drugs, guns, money, and sex
Track Name: Libera Me From Hell Remix
it started with a heatstroke beat while they pump my chest
i jumpstart with this drill better hold your breath

spiral down to my world where i dig for dirt
put work where it counts don't count the work

headfirst like a jetburst strike the nerve
i'm all dig, dug, done go and do your worst

i've been through the mission impossibles
no pain, no gain, pain is optional

so optical, optimal, up to prime
these dreams that i touched were untouchable

now they really wanna stop whats unstoppable
you can break all my bones i'm unbreakable

unshakeable waves tryna rock the boat
stand firm on my ground i'm immovable

moving through, removing the obstacles
feel the force of my gravity consuming you

recycle bins, cycle the trash again
in another man's junk, my closest friend

cuhz i live for the struggle, and i live for dirt
and its all in the eyes its dirtpay or paydirt

specks, and crumbs, pecks, picks, and covers
dead, dumb, dumber what else to discover

a lip lock, deadlock, fight to tip top
chokeholds versus my deadly headlock

nonstop action, action packed
my reaction to that is i kick it back

from a backdraft, flashback, aftermath
the only math that i'm after is after facts

after that, how will they snap it back
put the piece to the puzzle don't mix and match

start from scratch, luck and amounts of chance
make random encounters big fish to catch

with a hook, line, sinker, reel
to the hearts of the matter leave my body here

shed the tears, moment is crystal clear
gotta fight for the freedom don't fight the fear

when you use it, abuse it, and make it yours
in the coffin i find what i'm searching for

and when my strength is depleted at the darkest hour
still i row, row fight the power