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Verse 1:

tell me i'll never make it that flying is but impossible
your dreams are never worth it you circling every obstacle

pointing out the problems in a state of confusion
you got a lot of nerve to talk when you're not a solution

and now you're clipping all my feathers and its hard to react
before i'm blinking, now i'm sinking from a stab in the back

and all these hunters got a rifle and they aiming to shoot
if i could lose them for a second in this mountainous view

then maybe i can show my homie that its better at top
instead of said and done and doing things to making a stock

but its lonely in the efforts, and its usually fruitless
lot of journies that begin have a moment of weakness

i don't wanna be somebody in the thought of regret
so i gotta take a leap of faith every chance that i get

so let me open up my wings disappear with a flash
this path is never easy, what i'll tell you is that

Verse 2:

and i swear inside this scenery places that i be seeing
is a different point of view a cleaner air i'm breathing

where the reason is clear my future without a shade of grey
nothing in my way can stop from seeing clear as day

put me in the open a center of field of fires
let my body turns to ash, gradually getting higher

another day in motion and the only way to focus
is breaking communications with people of no importance

i know its the reality casually make fatalities
of friends and family memebers, blinded by my insanity

visions in my eyes are binded by seven demons
while i'm reaching for the sky they dragging me down with em

the weaker that i'm getting the reaper is getting closer
but i'm almost at the exit just a hundred foot border

feeling is overboard, not a second left to waste
you make it or you don't, its a chance that shouldn't wait


from The Beginning, released February 15, 2011



all rights reserved


X California


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