World Of X

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Verse 1:

i can be your enemy or maybe i'm your closest friend
i'll let the secret out when you sick of hearing X again

cuhz all he does is run his mouth, whats he really all about
hides behind a shadow, so why should i even hear him out

possibly just full of shit, nothing that he says he is
everything he's feeding us is toxic and its hazardous

quicker that the poison spreads, faster the infection is
huge amounts to overdose injecting every city kid

it'll get you feeling good, ain't nobody doubting that
major high to get you by like sunny days and starry nights

crashing is a problem though, system hitting overload
brain is fried wanna die, dire need of antidotes

underground supplier though, not a pharmaceutical
so two of X or three of X, never therapeutical

one is just a good amount, but careful when you swallow it
lovely as the coating looks, don't know whats inside of it

Verse 2:

just another fleeting dream, something that you try to chase
escaping when you need me most, cravings never go away

told you only take me once, always need the other stuff
jack and coke and ketamines, eventually i'm not enough

basically a new addition, better high new affliction
done with me, but i'll come back with a brand new track a new addiction

think of it, taking time, time apart, surely fine
know what its like to hang around the same ole ppl every night

gets retarded, then repeated, more redundant, i receded
gets no fun when its said and done, same damn thats been repeated

take a breath, , one more thing to keep you eager
good alone, but i'm better on, a couple beers and a tiny reefer

take a hit, let it rip, final puff will get you lit
eyes turn red and its in your head that one more shot oughta keep u dead

knock it back, let it loose, another world you're climbing too
a world of X thats better then drugs, guns, money, and sex


from The Beginning, released February 15, 2011



all rights reserved


X California


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