Libera Me From Hell Remix

from by X



it started with a heatstroke beat while they pump my chest
i jumpstart with this drill better hold your breath

spiral down to my world where i dig for dirt
put work where it counts don't count the work

headfirst like a jetburst strike the nerve
i'm all dig, dug, done go and do your worst

i've been through the mission impossibles
no pain, no gain, pain is optional

so optical, optimal, up to prime
these dreams that i touched were untouchable

now they really wanna stop whats unstoppable
you can break all my bones i'm unbreakable

unshakeable waves tryna rock the boat
stand firm on my ground i'm immovable

moving through, removing the obstacles
feel the force of my gravity consuming you

recycle bins, cycle the trash again
in another man's junk, my closest friend

cuhz i live for the struggle, and i live for dirt
and its all in the eyes its dirtpay or paydirt

specks, and crumbs, pecks, picks, and covers
dead, dumb, dumber what else to discover

a lip lock, deadlock, fight to tip top
chokeholds versus my deadly headlock

nonstop action, action packed
my reaction to that is i kick it back

from a backdraft, flashback, aftermath
the only math that i'm after is after facts

after that, how will they snap it back
put the piece to the puzzle don't mix and match

start from scratch, luck and amounts of chance
make random encounters big fish to catch

with a hook, line, sinker, reel
to the hearts of the matter leave my body here

shed the tears, moment is crystal clear
gotta fight for the freedom don't fight the fear

when you use it, abuse it, and make it yours
in the coffin i find what i'm searching for

and when my strength is depleted at the darkest hour
still i row, row fight the power


from The Beginning, released February 15, 2011



all rights reserved


X California


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